SKU - CRG-V2-002
Style - ChargeHub V2 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool
Description - When traveling, it's smart to take special precautions to keep your loved ones safe in an
emergency. The ChargeHub V2 features 2 USB ports to power up your devices and comes with
a glass breaker and seat belt cutter for use in the event of an emergency.
Weight - .3lbs.
Category - Travel Accessories
Sub Category - Electronics
Company - Limitless Innovations
Color - Chrome
Quantity -
Price - $24.95


Charge - 2 USB ports power most USB devices at a fast SmartSpeed Technology, thru the
vehicle power socket.
Break - The zinc alloy casing is robust and tungsten steel tip glass breaker works easily and
efficiently to break your car window and escape your vehicle in an emergency.
Escape - The concealed, yet razor sharp seat belt cutting feature allows you to cut yourself free
from a safety belt if you are unable to release it normally.
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